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1C: Drive

Flexible and comprehensive ERP solution that supports companies looking to grow their business and helps them stay competitive in today's dynamic business environment.

- A comprehensive ready-to-use ERP system for all industries: Production, wholesale or technical service

- Can be easily adapted to existing processes and business needs

- Suitable for the budget of small and medium-sized companies

- Reliable ERP solution built on the power of the 1C:Enterprise platform

- Easily scalable to your company's growth rate

- Our support team is always at your service for smooth implementation and trouble-free use

Complete ERP for midsize businesses

Flexible ERP system for the management and control of core processes in small and medium-sized enterprises. 1C:Drive offers multiple features for companies to run different business operations in real time and on any device, such as connecting with all business partners, managing production workflows, and digitizing relevant documents.

Implemented on 1C:Enterprise, a powerful low-code development platform, 1C:Drive ERP is a cost-effective system both in purchasing and using. It allows quick and easy adaptation to changing business models and brings transparency to company processes.

Advantages of 1C: Drive

Manage your business processes with automation systems, bring transparency to your operations, and uncover new opportunities for growth.

Easy to install, scalable:

1C:Drive can be implemented extremely quickly in only (average) 4-12 hectare islands. You can upload your data and start using it right away. With 1C:Drive ERP, which is an ideal system for companies in a growth trend, you can use only the necessary functions and accounting tools, and as your business grows, you can scale the ERP system and adapt it to new needs.

Reliable ERP technologies known worldwide:

With access to the world-renowned 1C:Enterprise platform, you can rely on the quality and functionality of 1C:Drive. We continue to strengthen our strength with our technology based on more than 30 years of successful experience in the ERP market and more than 1.5 million customers operating in different sectors such as production, retail, textile, technical service in different parts of the world.

It can be adjusted to your unique business needs:

With the 1C:Drive ERP system, you can automate even your complex and unique business processes in compliance with technological know-how, relevant requirements and local regulations. It can be easily integrated with different database management systems, software systems or equipment, and can be implemented on-premise or in a private cloud. In case of a change in production technologies or the business environment, it does not let you down and adapts smoothly.

It brings transparency to your business:

Smart business decisions are based on real data: accurate, error-free from module to module, data that can be analyzed and visualized to make timely and reliable decisions. 1C:Drive provides more than 100 standard reports (including performance and financial reports, Gantt charts, workload overviews, etc.) to help you keep track of your company's overall health and make real data-driven decisions, and you can use any data you need to help your business make any data decisions you need.

Manage all your operations worldwide:

Modules on international trade are available ready for use in 1C:Drive. All business transactions made in different currencies are supported by management and cost accounting modules, work simultaneously in all currencies, and allow you to track branches, warehouses and business units in a single system.

Comprehensive ERP for medium-sized businesses:

1C:Drive is a solution that covers all basic processes specific to small and medium-sized companies operating in sectors such as sales, technical service and production. These functions are readily available in the standard package - there is no need to additionally purchase certain modules and add-ons.


Improve your process management with 1C:Drive by using functionalities such as data-driven planning of production processes, real-time management of inventory operations, and customization of the system according to unique processes and/or changing conditions.

- Full functional management of the production lifecycle, from order creation and tracking to cost analysis for each product.

- Functionalities for discrete production and types of different complexity, from simple assembly to complex multi-stage production: made-to-order production, make-to-stock, project-based production, etc.

- Real-time production planning based on customer orders, actual data on the workload, availability of resources, etc.

- Quick and easy customization for non-standard, unique, or rapidly changing production processes.

- Eligible to provide and receive subcontractor services.

- Integrate the ERP system with any IT solution or other hardware that supports a flexible data exchange protocol, such as CAD system and MES.