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1C: Enterprise

1C:Enterprise Software Development Platform

The 1C: Enterprise platform is a very fast system that minimizes the difficulties in the process while developing customizable business automation software and creating flexible multiple platforms.

Why should I choose 1C:Enterprise Platform?
The process of developing business applications is challenging; Not without certain competencies and industry-specific experience, and it can take a lot of time. To build a process automation application, you must be able to use more than three software development languages, such as C++, JAVA, and C#. General-purpose programming languages can't present any business objects pre-made, so you'll have to start from scratch.

In this case, moving your software to the Cloud or mobile will require new versions of the application to be coded from scratch using other programming languages. The 1C:Enterprise platform allows such scaling through a single system without the need for additional programming tools.

When working with 1C:Enterprise, you don't need to move your software to different platforms. Once your software is complete, it works everywhere:

- On Native Clients for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS

- Web Clients for all browsers

- On Servers for Windows and Linux

By using the 1C:Enterprise software development platform, you can achieve more with less effort:

Cross-Platform Coding

It's written with a single code — it works cross-platform across desktop, mobile, and cloud.

Ready-to-use Code Templates

It offers an extensive database of code templates to speed up and standardize software development, customization, and support.

Ease of Use

It doesn't require an in-depth IT knowledge to start coding. Thanks to the easy-to-learn programming tools of the 1C:Enterprise platform, you can become proficient in a short time.

Customizable UI

You can create custom settings for custom controls, buttons, rules for showing or hiding UX elements, and more.

Secure Access Control

It offers a flexible access rights management system so that you can create secure applications.

Regularly running applications built with traditional development tools often require a completely new design and reprogramming when the number of users increases significantly. Applications built with the 1C:Enterprise platform automatically scale to serve any number of concurrent users.

In the case of any update, the Platform supports a set of load-balancing servers without stopping the application.

1-Advanced In-App Features: 1C: Enterprise offers advanced features for your business application. By combining functions such as database management, business process automation, reporting, and analysis on a single platform, it better adapts to the needs of your business.

2-No Code Clutter: With 1C: Enterprise, you can avoid complex codebases. This makes your software projects more readable and manageable.

3-Optimize Your Business Processes: The platform offers the ability to analyze and optimize your business processes in detail. In this way, you can increase your work efficiency and reduce costs.

4-Data Security: Data security is a major concern today. 1C: Enterprise is equipped with strong data security measures and offers the infrastructure needed to protect your sensitive data.

5-Rapid Prototyping: The platform offers rapid prototyping capabilities. This allows you to quickly test your business applications and get user feedback at an earlier stage.

6-Wide Community Support: The 1C: Enterprise platform has a large community. You can access many resources to ask your questions and find solutions to your problems.

7-Application Integration: If your business application needs to be integrated with other software, 1C: Enterprise makes this process easy. You can properly manage the flow of data and bring different systems together.

8-Mobile Support: 1C: Enterprise offers a powerful infrastructure for developing applications that run on mobile devices. This allows you to keep track of your business from anywhere.

Cost-Effectiveness: The high costs incurred during a complex software development process are a major concern for many businesses. 1C: Enterprise helps you protect your budget by reducing costs.

1C: Enterprise is an excellent option to better manage your business applications, increase data security, and optimize your business processes. This platform can contribute to the growth of your business and provide a competitive advantage.