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1C: Perform

Meet all closing dates faster and easier

Speed up the report preparation process - create and consolidate a standard format for analysis reports and financial data for all group companies

Reliable Data Without Errors

Make business decisions using consolidated data from different financial and performance reporting systems

Execute complex budgeting process easily and smoothly

Benefit from fully functional budgeting for all operations and projects of the group companies, including processes that require complex budget calculation.

Auditability compliance with IFRS and IFRS

Consolidation statement according to IFRS and IFRS: prepare data according to IFRS chart of accounts arranged according to generally accepted accounting principles

Stay on top of corporate finance with EPM software

Reporting Consolidation

  • Inter-company reconciliation and eliminations
  • Reporting consolidation supporting complex company structures for conglomerates
  • Elimination of liabilities and unrealized profits of assets owned by the Group
  • Compliance in reporting with IFRS and local Accounting IFRS

Comprehensive Budgeting System

  • Coordination for all complex budgets
  • Analysis of your company's budget and variance on the basis of OPEX and CAPEX items
  • Consolidation, distribution, iterative planning and extrapolation planning methods with different calculation options
  • Flexible and customizable list of required classifiers, sizes, and indicators
  • Distributing responsibilities to participants in the budgeting process

Business Analysis & BSC

  • Balanced Scorecard concept for visual modeling of strategic objectives
  • Monitoring of KPIs and dynamics, in-depth KPI analysis
  • What-if analysis, planned-actual analysis, ABC analysis, factor analysis, and intellectual data analysis to identify hidden patterns

Investment Project Management

  • Pre-investment assessment: investment accounting, calculation of financial models, budgeting, entitlement management and calculation of KPIs
  • Multi-criteria scoring of alternative projects, creation of the optimal portfolio
  • Planning and control of project implementation, revision of the investment program

Flexibility and Integration of CPM Software

  • Integration with all legal entities, regardless of system and resource usage
  • Different consolidation principles: "full" or multi-level subsequent consolidation
  • Loading data from external accounting systems and ERP software
  • Master data management from various external sources: cleaning, harmonization and elimination of duplicate data