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About Our Company

1C Link Information Technologies Inc. is a software company established in 2013. We offer our customers solutions to optimize their business processes and increase their efficiency. Our goal is to help our clients grow their businesses, gain competitive advantage, and become leaders in their digital transformation journey.

1C Link works with an expert team to understand the needs of our customers and provide them with customized solutions. The 1C Link ERP software we have developed is a user-friendly platform that enables businesses to manage all their business processes in an integrated way. We provide full control and visibility to businesses by offering a wide range of features in areas such as finance, manufacturing, inventory management, sales and marketing, customer relationship management, and more.


Products and Technologies

Join us and grow your business with 1C Link Software!

1C: Enterprise
1C: Enterprise

Software development platform for the rapid creation of easily customizable business automation software running on desktop, cloud and mobile.

1C: Drive
1C: Drive

Flexible business software designed for the management and monitoring of operations in small and medium-sized companies.


Comprehensive solution for financial performance management for holding companies


Company News

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TORK Automotive Project
1C Link 22 Mar 2024
TORK Automotive Project

Based on 15 years of production experience in the sector, the company started R&D and market research in 2016 and started production in the automotive sector as of 2017. The company manufactures Performance Spark Plug Cable, Performance Air Filter and Bra

NS LAB Technological Products, ESD Furniture and Equipment Project
1C Link 22 Mar 2024
NS LAB Technological Products, ESD Furniture and Equipment Project

The company has gained a great deal of experience with the technology, equipment, furniture, services and technical support it provides to the electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industries and laboratory facilities, while the products it provide

Ata Technical Project
1C Link 26 Oca 2024
Ata Technical Project

The company, which has a wide range of products, actively uses the 1C application with 15 users, with specific developments from quotation processes to invoicing.

Black Gold
Global Türkiye
Ata Teknik
KGM Enerji
Zella Tül Perde
Gussi Banyo-Mutfak
Zugo Home
İroni Tekstil
Arya Home
Zone Otomotiv
Cente Fruit

Customer Testimonials

Companies that successfully meet the expectations of the ever-changing business environment

The 1C Link ERP solution helped us optimize our business processes and improve our decision-making processes. Data analytics and reporting capabilities give us access to real-time information and make it easier for us to monitor the performance of our business. I definitely recommend 1C Link!

Thanks to the 1C Link software, we have made great progress in the inventory management of our business. Now we can easily manage our stock tracking, order management and supply chain processes. This has helped us reduce costs by increasing the efficiency of our business. Thank you to the 1C Link team for their continued support!

The 1C Link ERP solution has transformed our business. It enables us to manage our business processes in an integrated way and increases our efficiency. In addition, the customer service team is always with us, responding to our inquiries quickly and effectively. I would definitely recommend 1C Link to every business!