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1C: CA

1C: Complex Automation is a program for creating a unified information system that covers the main management and accounting tasks in a business. This solution allows the most important business areas (accounting, trading, warehouse, payroll, personnel accounting.) to be automated.

Using the tools of the application solution allows both departments within the organization and the external environment (customers, suppliers, competitors) to work seamlessly.

1C: Purpose of the Complex Automation Program:

The program is designed for use in small and medium-sized enterprises (commercial enterprises, small production facilities, service companies).

"1C: Complex Automation" is best suited to companies that currently use several separate products, as well as companies whose management and accounting needs exceed the capabilities of existing information systems.

As business and regulatory requirements change, this product can be reconfigured, the more complete use of its functionality can be extended through integration with other applications and other solutions on the "1C:Enterprise 8" platform.

"1C: Complex Automation" is the replacement of multiple products with a modern integrated solution.

"1C: Complex Automation" is required to replace the complex solutions used in previous versions. A new generation of modern software product will allow to carry out the automation of business processes in the most efficient way and implement the most appropriate implementation policy.